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Meet The Teams

I am Dobson

I have been a therapy dog for almost 8 years. I got my start in Los Angeles in 2013 with the Love On 4 Paws organization where I visited a wide range of facilities, including the West L.A. VA Hospital, USC Keck Hospital and college campuses, and end-of-life care facilities.  From there, I returned to my hometown, Nashville, and began my next role at Vanderbilt Hospital. I have a pretty unique look and personality, and very quickly became one of the most talked-about pups around the hospital.


I will be joining the ranks of the great therapy dogs of Nashville very soon. I have gone through extensive training and will be completing my AKC Canine Good Citizen test in the near future. For now, I enjoy a good fetch or 20, playing in the water and just being a good boy.

Accepting Applications

We will be adding new teams as the demand grows. If you think your pup has what it takes to help us bring wellness and joy and a bit of fun to the workplace, feel free to reach out.

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