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Why should I consider The Wellness Dogs?

     The mental and physical benefits of interacting with our furry friends is undeniable. Healthcare facilities have long known this and offer these services through volunteer organizations. The Wellness Dogs provides these same services to the people.

     We work with HR and Wellness directors to bring this unique opportunity to multiple industries, to businesses large and small.

     Are you looking for an opportunity to break up the day for employees and give them something to look forward to?

The BANFIELD™ Pet Hospital PAWrometer™Survey

The BANFIELD™ Pet Hospital BAWrometer™ Survey

  • 88% of employees at pet-friendly workplaces said having pets at work improves sense of well-being

  • 83% said it reduces stress

  • 83% said it gives them greater company loyalty

  • 80% said it improves morale

  • 79% said it improves work relationships

  • 66% said it increases productivity

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